December 7, 2018 Women and Testosterone: Myth or Fact?

Testosterone. The word pretty much instantly makes you think of men with big muscles and deep voices, right? Well, rightfully so, as that is one benefit for men that testosterone can have. However, it is so much bigger than that. Testosterone is a vital hormone for both men and women. Since testosterone is mostly only associated with masculinity, we’re going to correct all those myths in this blog.

First off, it is a MYTH that testosterone therapy will deepen a woman’s voice. Of course, that is implying that you are taking the correct amount and being monitored by a doctor.


It is a MYTH that testosterone will give you a beard. Do you really think we would be suggesting it if that were the case? Some women experience a slight increase in facial hair, but this is not common and can be addressed by our physician overseeing your case if necessary.

“Testosterone will give you anger issues or make you out of control.” MYTH alert. Testosterone therapy is designed for patients that have low testosterone. This means their body isn’t producing enough of its own, so we just supplement enough to bring you back to your normal.“Normal” testosterone levels are not a one size fits all, so our physician will monitor your levels carefully to ensure that you’re at a level that is best suited for you.

Remember how we said testosterone is vital for men and women? Well that’s because it’s not just a sex hormone. That is a MYTH. To think that you only need testosterone if you need more libido or drive is simply incorrect. Does it help in that department? You bet it does. But do you like being able to focus? How about having strong bones and an effective immune system? Steady energy levels, anyone? Well, then you guessed it.  FACT: You need testosterone.

Testosterone is not just a sex hormone. It affects every part of the body. Testosterone helps our cells to manufacture protein, which helps us build bones and control our sugar and cholesterol. It helps us to concentrate; it helps our immune system to fight infection; it heals and builds muscles. It is easy to see that we cannot live without testosterone, and we will not live well when we have diminished testosterone.” – The Life-Saving Truth about Bio-Identical Hormones


Women may have different symptoms of low testosterone than men. Women may begin to feel fatigued, anxious, have low self-esteem, depressed (even if mildly), decrease in muscle tone, decrease in sex drive, a thinning upper lip, and even sagging cheeks. Even just one or two of these symptoms should be reason to get your hormones checked.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and you have spoken with your physician just to be told it was “normal” or “it happens to people your age,” then you have been done a disservice. It is not normal nor should your age equal suffering from declining hormones that can be easily supplemented to give you your life back.

Our consultations are free and we want to answer every question you have. We want you to be the best version of yourself no matter your age. We want you to remember the joy of being excited about life. We want you to be you again! Come see us!

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