Whether pulsing, sharp, or sudden, headaches can create a massive roadblock for improving your overall well-being.

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75% of Americans experience chronic dehydration

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Disease prevention and maximizing my health potential is important to me. Connie and her national team of cellular healing specialists have taught me so much about how my body works! I've learned how to switch my body's fuel source from 'sugar burning' to 'fat burning' just by controlling what and when I eat.

Sara Lightwood, Knoxville, TN

Although most headaches are caused by similar stressors, there are four main types: tension, migraines, cluster, and sinus. Tension headaches involve the tightening of facial and neck muscles due to stress, while Migraines induce severe pain, sensitivity to light, and nausea. Cluster headaches are usually felt on one side of the face from the neck to the temple, often involving the eye. The resulting pain can be sharp, burning, stabbing, and steady. Lastly, throbbing pain felt around the eyes, cheeks, forehead with a stuffy nose, are signs of sinus headaches. No matter the type of headache, our team will address the root of the problem whether it be associated to stress, diet, or lack of sleep.

What's Next

Complimentary Consultation

We like to think of this as a casual conversation between friends—one of who just happens to be an expert in personalized restorative health. During our initial conversation, we’ll discuss your symptoms, lifestyle, and goals before determining next steps.

Testing and Evaluations

Now that we know your starting point, we’ll start with a thorough round of testing. This could include a blood panel, a diagnostic ultrasound, a fitness evaluation, a chiropractic evaluation, an individual nutrition assessment, and more. The resulting information will lead to your unique treatment plan.

Your Personalized Plan

Using data gathered from your previous session, one of our licensed practitioners will create a detailed plan to get you feeling your best. Suggestions could include bio-identical hormone treatments, hydration therapy, cellular detoxification, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and more.


This is where you come in! You’ll work to follow your unique plan, while checking in with your SquareOne practitioner for evaluations and treatments on a regular basis.

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