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Weight-loss and energy go hand-in-hand—if one is off balance, the other will follow suit. We work to ensure your body is where it needs to be mentally and physically.

What Our Clients Say

Disease prevention and maximizing my health potential is important to me. Connie and her national team of cellular healing specialists have taught me so much about how my body works! I've learned how to switch my body's fuel source from 'sugar burning' to 'fat burning' just by controlling what and when I eat.

Sara Lightwood, Knoxville, TN

Whether you’re looking to improve your eating habits or elevate your overall quality of life, our team is passionate about providing you with the tools you need to achieve a balanced body and mind. Our on-staff nutritionist can offer a meal plan that’s tailored to your busy schedule, while our Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy practitioner is available to boost metabolism. Suffering from an injury that prevents you from getting to the gym? We can help with that too.

What's Next

Complimentary Consultation

We like to think of this as a casual conversation between friends—one of who just happens to be an expert in personalized restorative health. During our initial conversation, we’ll discuss your symptoms, lifestyle, and goals before determining next steps. If you decide to move forward, you’ll also receive a questionnaire that includes a three-day food diary.

Testing and Evaluations

Now that we know your starting point, our licensed nutritionist will start gathering crucial data. An individual nutrition assessment for macro-, micro-, and phytonutrients, as well as a bio-impedance scale to determine and track fat, muscle, and bone mass are all a part of this key step. The resulting information will lead to your unique functional nutrition plan and any additional referrals to other SquareOne practitioners.

Your Personalized Plan

Using data gathered from your previous session, our licensed nutritionist will create a detailed meal plan packed with healthy recipes and cooking techniques tailored to your body and your goals.


This is where you come in! You’ll work to follow your unique plan, while checking in with your SquareOne team for evaluations on a regular basis. While weight loss and a balanced body are the immediate goals, our hope is that you’ll build healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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