Regenerative Medicine

Tennis elbow, golf elbow, hip pain, and more can all benefit from replacing, engineering, or regenerating human cells and tissues to restore normal function.

What Our Clients Say

The bottom line is this: If Dr. Carlson can give you 10 percent of the relief he's given me, he'll change your life for the better. I 100 percent unequivocally endorse this man and his ability to treat and alleviate pain.

Wes Rucker, Senior Writer,

Our team is proud to provide both Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP) to patients.  Both treatments have been proven to be helpful in treating acute and chronic orthopedic pain. What do treatments involve? Prolotherapy is an injection technique that restores the body’s ability to heal itself by flushing the ligament or tendon with a dextrose (sugar water) solution. This causes a localized inflammation the injured area, which increases blood supply and flow of nutrients. PRP therapy separates platelets from the patient’s own blood and injects them into the damaged tendon and/or ligament in order to rebuild damaged structures.

What's Next


We like to think of this as a casual conversation between friends—one of who just happens to be an expert in regenerative medicine. During our initial conversation, we’ll discuss your symptoms, lifestyle, and goals before determining next steps.

Testing and Evaluations

Now that we know your starting point, our Regenerative Medicine expert will start gathering crucial data. An individual injury and lifestyle assessment will lead to your unique plan.


Using data gathered from your previous session, you’ll visit our office to receive your injections.


This is where you come in! You’ll return to receive injections as often as needed.

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