January 25, 2018 The Cellular Healing Nitty Gritty

In laments terms, cellular healing has everything to do with one word: inflammation.

Inflammation is like the annoying relative that comes to stay with you for a week and ends up staying for three years. When most people think of inflammation, they think of swelling. You know when you sprain your ankle and it resembles a balloon, your doctor will tell you to “take some ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation.” But when we talk about cellular healing, we are talking about swelling on the cell membrane. Now, think about how your ankle looks when its sprained and try to think about that little cell membrane looking that way. Nothing good is able to get into the cell and nothing bad is able to get out of the cell, because the cell membrane is so inflamed. Remember, the cell is the most basic form of life and every organ and system is made up of cells. So, when our cells are affected, so are our organs, hormones, systems, and processes. It messes with the body as a whole.

Okay, so the cell wall is now inflamed, but how did it get that way? Well, in order not to keep you here all day, we will give you a synopsis.

  • Processed foods
    • No way, right? You mean the food that is not natural to our body and pumped full with a whole ton of preservatives causing inflammation?! Yep. We wouldn’t lie to you. Carbs and sugars are a slow death to our cells and the inflammation they cause leads to a domino effect of other issues.
    • The other major toxin in foods is called glyphosate. Glyphosate is the main ingredient in RoundUp. RoundUp is sprayed all over non-organic, GMO foods in order to reduce the effects of weeds and bugs. But how do those plants survive you ask? GMO means Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO foods can withstand up to ten times the amount of RoundUp than a normal, non-modified plant. Not only is it sprayed on the plants, but it is also released into and put on the soil. So now, anything that grows from that soil will be contaminated with RoundUp. On the RoundUp container, it has strict labels that say to not get the chemical on your eyes or skin and to wear gloves when handling it. So, what makes us think it would be good to eat it?
      • During the Vietnam War, a powerful herbicide called Agent Orange was used to wipe out all the vegetation in Vietnam. It was later found to cause cancer, birth defects, and severe psychological and neurological problems. After the war, there was a surplus of Agent Orange left over. It was then slightly modified to become RoundUp and sprayed all over our crops.

  • Water
    • Chemicals are hidden in the water we drink. Fluoride, chlorine, lead, and mercury are just four of the many chemicals that are in your water. Fluoride was added to the water in the 1940’s to help prevent tooth decay, which was a valiant effort, but the effects were felt later when it was discovered that fluoride is a neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor. Chlorine is used in the “purification” process and lead is released from corroded pipes. Mercury is a bi-product of industrial processes and causes a multitude of extreme health issues.
  • Body products
    • Think about it. Pores are a gateway to the inside of the body. What we put on our body including makeup, body care products, deodorant, soap, and even down to the detergent we use, is all absorbed into our pores. We know that no one likes hearing that their Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple lotion could be putting harmful chemicals into their body, but unfortunately, they do. Aluminum is found in many deodorants, which is put in the armpits, where the lymph nodes are found. Many of the synthetic chemicals used are skin irritants, endocrine disruptors, and carcinogens. Many of these have been found in tumor biopsies and linked directly to cancers.

Those are just three of the multitude of ways that toxins can enter our system. Even though there is no way to avoid toxins unless you plan to live in a bubble, there are ways to safely detox your body. Most over the counter detoxification systems fall short of true detox and can even be dangerous. The root point of a cellular detox is not for weight loss, nor is it to cleanse a piece of your system; though, those can be positive effects. The root point of a cellular detox is to reduce the inflammation surrounding all cell membranes so that they can function properly again. Doing a periodic True Cellular Detox is vital for a healthy life in our toxic environment.

So, what does that mean?

True Cellular Detox (TCD) has three phases: prep, body, and brain. Each phase has different goals and accomplishes varying, but equally important things. Unlike other cleanses or detoxes, such as a juice cleanse, colon cleanse, or herbal cleanses, TCD goes upstream to rid the entire body of all toxins, big and small.

This program consists of the Five R’s:

  • Remove the Source
  • Regenerate the Cell Membrane
  • Restore Cellular Energy
  • Reduce Cellular Inflammation
  • Re-Establish Methylation

Once these are accomplished, the nutrients that you are putting into your body through organic, non GMO, clean foods are finally able to get into your cells and perform their purpose!

The bottom line is: exercising and eating clean simply isn’t enough anymore to be truly healthy. Your body needs the toxins removed to resume normalcy and an over the counter detoxification protocol that cleanses one piece of the pie simply isn’t going to do it.

So, what can you do?

Everyone moves at their own pace. Maybe for you, the first step is removing processed carbs and sugars. Maybe it’s switching to an all-natural, aluminum free deodorant. Whatever it is, pro-active steps to removing the toxins from your lifestyle, is a great start. But ultimately, if you don’t remove the toxins that are already reeking havoc in your body, then you’re just treading water. That’s where SquareOne can help. Initial consultations are free and we can get you started on the journey to truly detoxing your body with True Cellular Detox. What are you waiting for? It’s about time you started feeling better!

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